3 Valuable Reasons Your Salon Should Offer Private Label Products

private label hair washDo you want to drive more customer retention at your salon, boost income, and lower expenses? One key way to meet all of these goals is to establish a private label product line.

As a small business owner, you may wonder if a private label line is worth the investment. The answer is that not only is it worth your effort, but it may also actually reduce costs. How? Here are three valuable ways private label products help your business.

1. Develop a Brand

Branding is a vital part of small businesses that many owners fail to fully utilize. While you may have a logo on your sign, do you really have a complete brand? Branding includes fonts, color schemes, shapes, mission statements, and values. Together, this creates a complete, memorable, and harmonious sense of what your company is all about.

Look at how you use your brand throughout the salon, online presence, and advertising. Is your brand evident at all customer-facing points, including marketing? Once clients step in the door, do they see your brand significantly displayed and advertised, or do they see a mishmash of other brands? Do the products you offer all support your salon’s ethics, values, and goals? If not, develop a line that will.

2. Make Your Salon a Go-To

To thrive, your salon needs a healthy mix of repeat customers and new ones. Repeat customers, in most cases, are the less expensive of the two types. How can you build retention among them then? An in-house label helps in three ways.

First, you get your salon and its brand into people’s homes and daily lives. For example, in the weeks between appointments, keep your brand foremost in their minds by having your products in their bathrooms, showers, and bedrooms. Customers see your business every day, use it regularly, and become accustomed to its presence.

Secondly, if clients purchase branded products, they can only get them from your store or website. With so much competition for customer dollars, this helps prevent defection to cheaper online sites that sell nationwide brands and adds a reason to make an appointment for services.

Finally, while a customer is in your salon to buy your products, you have the opportunity to sell other products, book appointments, promote specials, or answer their beauty concerns. You make yourself and your technicians relevant to people’s lives, increasing loyalty.

3. Save Money on Products

If you currently offer any products for sale, you know that you must usually buy them from the inventory of other brands and hope for the best. In many cases, though, carrying your own branded products could be more cost-effective than stocking others.

Why? You undoubtedly sell high-quality products, but these can be hard to come by, may come from a significant distance, and can be very expensive even at wholesale.

If you can develop your own branded line, purchased from reputable distributors of private label products, you may find that it costs just the same or even less to get quality goods for sale. Many products have similar key ingredients and mixtures, so you often pay a premium just for the expensive national brand label. Why pay others along an entire supply chain when you can have great quality without the intermediaries?

Which of these reasons to add a private label to your salon is the most compelling? Whether it’s to boost control and keep expenses in check or to increase the quality of your branding, in-house products easily earn their place in your business. At Dreamline Beauty, we can help you find the right products, packaging, and marketing. Call today to learn more about our private product services.