3 Ways to Offer Your Hair Care Brand to Customers

private label hair care brand

Your hair care brand is a unique extension of your business, a creative way to assert your own trademark and establish yourself among a sea of competitors. The important role that your signature hair product line plays requires maximum exposure to increase client awareness and help your salon reap a healthy return on your investment.

Read on to discover these three ways to offer your branded hair care products to salon customers.

1. Give Your Product a Prominent Location

Your product demands a prominent location within your salon to help it sell. You may store those inventory boxes behind the counter or in the back room, but make sure plenty of merchandise and advertising is out in plain view for customers and passersby to notice.

First, give people a chance to see what you have to offer on the exterior of your salon site. Glass storefront windows deserve advertisement of some sort to declare what products you sell inside. You can choose huge custom posters or a more modest statement depending on the building style.

Next, provide an area to physically present your bottles and jars immediately inside your shop. The reception or waiting area works well as long as there are sufficient space and little or no likelihood of shoplifting. Clients have an opportunity to see them while they wait for their appointment.

Otherwise, wall shelves at eye level provide equal display space without eating up floor space. Or you can push your display shelves farther into your salon and nearer to cutting stations. This type of placement allows you to present your product in a different setting.

2. Use Your Product During Salon Sessions

The best way to help clients focus on your hair products is to give them the opportunity to experience one or more for themselves during their session. A hands-on method like this allows clients to smell, feel, and experience the benefits of your conditioner, shampoo, and other products.

You can implement this strategy better when your products are displayed and available within easy reach of all your salon stations. As you work on a client, point out why you choose a specific product for their needs. For example, compliment a client on the softness of their hair and suggest a conditioner that provides hair with continued softness during dry weather.

Additionally, allow clients to choose what they would like to experience and offer a choice of two different products. Explain what each formula contains and the benefits their hair will gain from its use. At the conclusion of a client session, ask them if you can answer any questions about the product and how they feel about its use in their hair that day. When clients express a positive experience, encourage them to pick up a bottle to take home with them. If a client seems unsure, remind them that your products are now a permanent part of your salon and are always available.

3. Take Advantage of the Internet

Like any retail customer, most salon clients are internet savvy and willing to take advantage of the internet for a good deal. Make sure your web site is up-to-date and provides a platform to sell your product to clients. Not only will this allow regular clients to peruse your products, but a reluctant client may make their first purchase there when an in-store sale did not succeed.

In addition to offering special periodic discount sales, let your website educate clients about your products. Detail the role of special ingredients in shampoo and conditioner, and how they can enhance personal beauty. Also, offer beauty tips to help maximize the success of each product.

Remember, the success of your salon often depends on the success of your product brand. Use these three aggressive strategies to make clients more aware of your brand and its many advantages. Dreamline Beauty offers a range of private label products to help your salon business establish itself as a niche market. Give us a call and ask about samples and design options.