• 85+ professional-grade formulations – all are 100% paraben-free
• Stunning package design by the largest creative team in the industry – at no added cost
• Mechanical artwork, film, screens and silk screened products – at no added cost
• Product Images and a Product Guide – at no added cost
• Custom designed hardbound Look Book – at no added cost
• Custom designed Counter Cards and Stations Cards – at no added cost
• Yes, you may sell your products anywhere you like. We have no restrictions on the marketing of your brand.
• Yes, you may change the names of our products to anything you like. In fact, we encourage it!
• And no, our name does not appear anywhere on your final packages.

How many products and units do I need to order to start a line?
An initial order must contain a minimum of 288 retail-sized units/pieces. To reach the 288 order minimum, you may break your initial order down as follows:
• 6 products @ 48 each = 288 (Six products required for hardbound Look Book)
• 4 products @ 72 each = 288
• 3 products @ 96 each = 288
• 2 products @ 144 each = 288
• 1 product @ 288 = 288

What does an opening order of 288 units/pieces cost?
The average cost of an opening order containing 288 units is generally between $1,700 and $2,000.

Do I have to reorder all the products and units/pieces?
You may REORDER or ADD one or more products at any time following your initial order. Reorder turnaround time is 8 to 10 working days (not including transit time).

What are your order minimums per package size?
• Regular Retail Sizes: 2oz to 16oz Sizes = 48 units/pieces
• Large Retail Size: 32oz Size = 24 units/pieces
• Sample Sizes: 2oz Shampoos & Conditioners = 144 units/pieces
• BackBar: 32oz Size = 24 units/pieces
• BackBar: Gallons – 2 units/pieces (not silk screened)

Can I customize the color or fragrance of my products?
Yes, this is called “SEMI-CUSTOM”. To change the color and/or fragrance of any of our 85+ formulations requires a 2,500 unit minimum per product.

How does this help my business?
If executed properly, marketing your own custom-branded, private-label hair care line is a powerful way to promote your name to your customers, while generating revenue at the same time. It helps your business remain top-of-mind, while building repeat and referral business.

What are these products? Are they custom formulations or are they pre-formulated?
We have one of the largest hair care formulation collections available in the market today, for every hair type in every possible condition. From these collections, our experts recommend products based on the needs of your clientele. Customized formulations are also an option, but minimum quantities increase significantly.

How do my products vary from other products and from other brands?
Your products will have customized packaging and branding designed especially for you. From the packaging to the package design, your brand is completely your own. And we silk screen all designs directly on the packages for a professional, high quality look.

Can I change the color and/or fragrance of your pre-formulated products?
Yes, this is called “SEMI-CUSTOM”. To change the color and/or fragrance of any of our 70+ formulations requires a 2,500 unit minimum per product.

Do you offer fully customized formulations?
Yes, we offer “FULL-CUSTOM” product development for a single product or range of products. Our product development department and chemists will work with you to create formulas that are perfect for your customer. There is a 5,000 unit minimum per product on all full-custom.

Why is working with Dreamline Beauty an advantage to me, rather than simply developing a line for myself?
In today’s competitive marketplace, slapping a logo on a product is not enough. A successful professional brand requires stellar formulations that deliver remarkable results in gorgeous packaging that represents your keen esthetic for beauty. It requires brand development and design that not only promotes your good name, but also the quality product inside. We are experts in both.

Who will we be working with if we have questions or need to reorder, etc.?
You will be assigned one of our qualified account managers to work directly with you.

Do you offer product education tools?
Yes. We will supply you with a detailed Product Guide customized specifically for you and featuring only your specific products.

What other services do you offer?
In addition to creating and developing your brand, AT NO COST TO YOU we offer starter marketing kit that contains custom-branded point-of-purchase counter cards, station cards and an over-sized hardbound Look-Book. The Look-Book features beautiful images and detailed information of each product in your line – an excellent way to introduce your new products to your valued clients. Click Here to see samples of our marketing pieces in our gallery.

For more details regarding our program, please Click Here.