Tips to Increase Client Satisfaction and Sales in Your Salon

Any salon owner wants their customers to enjoy coming to their salon and using their unique products. Here are some key tips to help you and your staff increase client conversion and upsell your products with class and confidence.

Create a Compelling Consultation Space

Clients seek out your salon because you and your staff are experts in hair care. Own your expertise by developing a dedicated space to conduct consultations with clients. You don’t need a full fancy office with an intimidating desk. A private, tastefully decorated corner in your salon works fine as a client consultation spot.

Some clients don’t mind discussing their hair care challenges in the waiting area. Other clients are more sensitive and won’t be completely open with you about their hair-grooming and styling concerns if other clients are listening.

A dedicated consultation area gives shy customers the privacy they need to open up to salon staff. The private consultation area gives your shop a professional feel that lets customers know you take their concerns seriously. Keep the area stocked with product samples and literature so you can introduce your product line during consultations.

View Each Client as a Long-Term Project

Each new client who visits your salon is a potential client for years to come. Instead of viewing clients as part of one day’s income totals, view each client as a project in progress. Create a detailed client information template and filing system to efficiently manage your client data.

Arrange each client’s record by date of visit, by category of information, or with another method that makes the information easy to document and track. The main point is to have a personalized record on file for each client. Leave plenty of space for future documentation as clients’ looks and product interests change.

Your information file for each client might include the following information:

  • Client name, address, and contacts
  • Spouse and children’s names (if applicable)
  • Preferred hair color
  • Preferred hairstyle
  • Products used during a salon visit
  • Haircare concerns and challenges
  • Products upsold to client

Update the information in each of the above categories every time the client visits your salon. Consult the record for each client before your consultation, so you can personalize your comments and product suggestions to the individual.

For example, if your client noted on the last visit that they wanted to try a curly look, use the consultation time to say, “Are you still considering going curly this season? Our exclusive hair serum for curly styles helps prepare and moisturize hair for curly styles. Here’s a sample you can take home and try for yourself.” Ask how the client enjoyed the product at the next visit.

Clients appreciate when you treat them as individuals. When you view each client as a unique project, you work together with the client to serve their hair care needs over the long haul. Clients feel loyalty toward you and your private-label products.

Inspire Staff and Clients to Sell and Buy

Build a passion for your products among your salon staff and your clients by promoting the attributes and features of your custom-branded salon line. Hold fun salon meetings to teach staff about your formulations. Give staff a list of FAQs to memorize, so they’re always ready to answer client questions about your product line.

Practice role-playing with staff, so new stylists can get comfortable upselling your products. Launch contests and challenges to inspire your salon staff to reach increased sales goals.

Place sophisticated signage and other materials about your private-label products in your waiting room, consultation room, restrooms, and cutting stations to educate your customers on the availability and attributes of your salon line. Send hand-addressed postcards to clients to promote your newest products. Let clients redeem the postcards for a discount on your hair care products.

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