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PLEASE NOTE:  Our products are sold to companies taking delivery (and selling their products) in the U.S. ONLY. 

• 85+ Professional-grade formulations – all are 100% paraben-free
• Stunning package design using your existing logo, or we can create one for you – at no cost to you
• Mechanical artwork, film, screens and screen-printing – at no cost to you
• High-resolution images of your retail products – at no cost to you
• Product Reference Guide – at no cost to you
• Custom-branded Counter Cards and Stations Cards OR Web Banner – at no cost to you

In addition:
• You may sell your products anywhere you like. We have no restrictions on the marketing of your brand.
• You may change the names of our products to anything you like. In fact, we encourage it.
• Our name does not appear anywhere on your final packages.

Opening orders must meet the criteria outlined below:

An opening order must contain a MINIMUM of 288 retail-sized products (units/SKUs).
Excludes travel sizes.

Most salons clients start with 6 products @ 48 units each = 288, Or:
• 4 products @ 72 pieces each = 288 pieces
• 3 products @ 96 pieces each = 288 pieces
• 2 products @ 144 pieces each = 288 pieces
• 1 product @ 288 pieces = 288 pieces

MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities) per product/SKU:
• Retail-sized products:
• 2oz to 16oz sizes: 48 units (Excludes 2oz shampoos & conditioners)
• 32oz size: 24 units
• Back Bar size (32oz): 24 units
• Back Bar size (Gallon): 2 units (custom-branded labels, no screen-printing)
• Travel size (2oz shampoos & conditioners only): 144 units

The average cost of an opening order containing 288 units is generally between $2,400 and $3,600 depending on products chosen.
To download our Price List CLICK HERE.

Our prices are all inclusive, with the following exceptions:
• Shipping: Shipping costs are based upon size and weight. A large order is generally shipped on a pallet via a trucking company. A small order will generally ship via FedEx Ground. Shipping charges are billed upon the shipment of your order. Estimates will be provided upon request.
• Brokered Barcodes: Brokered barcodes are available for $15 per product. This is a one-time charge and not a per unit/piece cost. If you order 6 different products/SKU’s, the price for barcodes will be $15 x 6 products/SKU’s = $90. These barcodes are suitable for your POS (Point of Sale) systems, and small to mid-sized retailers.
• GS1 Barcodes: Amazon and other big box retailers (Walmart, Target, Costco, etc.) require GS1 barcodes which contain an embedded company code. These are available exclusively through
Shrink-Wrap Seals: We offer shrink seals for $.25 to $.30 per unit/piece. There is a 500 unit/pieces minimum per product (SKU) for shrink seals. FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) requires all liquids contain a secondary manufacturer’s seal.
• Product Packaging or Art Changes:  Clients electing to make changes to their packaging or artwork, after their initial order has been completed, will be charged a flat fee of $50 (per product or SKU) for the art changes, plus $50 for the cost of a new printing screen.

CLICK HERE for more information regarding FBA requirements.

You may REORDER or ADD one or more products at any time following your opening order. Reorder turnaround time is approximately 3 weeks (not including shipping time).

• Regular Retail Sizes: 2oz to 16oz — 48 units/pieces
• Large Retail Size: 32oz — 24 units/pieces
• Sample Sizes: 2oz Shampoos & Conditioners — 144 units/pieces
• Back Bar Sizes: 32oz — 24 units/pieces
• Back Bar Sizes: Gallon — 2 units/pieces (custom-branded labels, not screen-printed)

7. TURNAROUND TIMES: (Shipping time not included)
Opening Orders:

• Design: Approximately 10-14 business days
• Mechanical Artwork: Approximately 10-14 business days
• Manufacturing: Approximately 4 weeks
• Approximately 3 weeks

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and e-checks through our online payment system.
Opening Orders:
• 50% deposit to begin the creative process
• Balance due prior to manufacturing
• Shipping costs will be billed after the order has shipped
• Payment in full prior to manufacturing
• Shipping costs will be billed after the order has shipped
Product Additions and Product Updates:
• Payment in full to begin the artwork
• Shipping costs will be billed after the order has shipped

I understand the information outlined above, and am ready to order samples!

NOTE: Samples are FREE from a limited time with a flat-rate shipping charge of $15. Limit 25 samples per customer.
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