Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Products

Argan_OilMoroccan Argan Oil hair products are some of the hottest hair care products in the industry today. But what is it and why does it make for the perfect shampoo or conditioner?

Argan oil is a nutrient rich oil derived from the Argan kernels found inside the nut of the fruit of the Argan tree. It is loaded with Omega 3 and 9 fatty acids, Vitamin E and a host of other vital nutrients craved by our body, skin and hair. Not to mention the fact that it is 80% unsaturated fatty acids. For centuries the Moroccan people have used this oil for cooking and dipping. But it also hydrates and soothes dry and irritated skin and scalp, hydrates and repairs dry, damaged hair, improves split ends and restores a brilliant luster to the hair. But aside from its health benefits, it is also a rare and difficult product to produce which, as we all know, adds to its mystique and increases demand.

The Argan tree is only found in the Southwest portion of Morocco. Trees can thrive for up to 200 years, but it takes 30 to 50 years before it will start producing fruit. Harvesting the fruit is relatively easy and is done almost exclusively by Moroccan women. But extracting the oil rich Argan kernels from the interior nut of the fruit is extremely difficult and labor intensive.

Once the fleshy fruit is removed, the extremely hard interior nut must be cracked by hand. The nut will hold anywhere from 1 to 3 Argan kernels. The kernels are also processed by hand, creating a mash from which the oil is pressed. It requires approximately 110 pounds of Argan kernels and up to 20 hours of manual labor to produce a single liter of Argan Oil. That works out to 40 minutes per ounce.

So the next time you use or purchase a hair care product that contains Moroccan Argan Oil, remember that not only is your scalp and hair receiving luxurious and healthy benefits, but you are helping to support the local Argan Oil cottage industry operated exclusively by the women of Morocco.