Shampoos Have Sodium Chloride?

Sodium ChlorideMost of us know Sodium Chloride by its common name, Salt. Salt is an essential mineral for our bodies. And since it draws moisture out, it’s used as a preservative in many foods.

So, what is sodium chloride doing in our shampoo? The beauty industry uses sodium chloride primarily as a thickening agent in shampoos. If your hair or skin tend to be on the oily side, a shampoo containing sodium chloride can prove beneficial. But if your hair or skin tends to be dry, then a shampoo containing sodium chloride may be drying.

While shampoos with sodium chloride are inherently safe, it is an absolute taboo if you have had a keratin straightening treatment. Because sodium chloride is an excellent cleaning agent, it has been known to strip the keratin treatment from the hair.

So, check the ingredients of your shampoos and look for products that claim to be sodium chloride or salt free for your clients with chemically straightened hair. And if you’re looking to build a private label hair care line, give us a call. Dreamline Beauty has a number of shampoos that are not only free of sodium chloride, but are sulfate free as well. All our shampoos and conditioners are Paraben free.