Tea Tree Oil Shampoo?

Tea Tree Oil and its beneficial properties have been widely known for centuries. But what is it, what does it really do, and why is it suddenly such a popular ingredient in hair care products?

https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photos-tea-tree-essence-bottle-essential-oil-massage-spa-oil-image30854223Tea Tree Oil, or melaleuca oil, is derived from a variety of over 200 recognized species of plants, shrubs or trees that are primarily native to Australia. It is believed that the name Tea Tree Oil was coined when Captain Cook added the oil to warm water and used it as a replacement for tea. But the Australian Aborigines were already well aware of the plants medicinal properties.

Tea Tree Oil is an essential oil with antimicrobial properties. It has been successful in combating dry skin and scalp, dandruff, and even acne. As a result, the extract can now be found in a wide variety of skin and hair care products. Because it has a naturally occurring camphor or medicinal fragrance to it, most companies mask the scent with other fragrances, such as Peppermint Oil.

Tea Tree Oil, in conjunction with Peppermint Oil, not only creates a pleasing aroma but also balances the pH of skin and scalp, which keeps hair and skin from becoming too dry or oily. This combination is great to combat dry, flaky, itchy, or oily scalps.

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