Why Use a Keratin Shampoo & Conditioner?

https://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-sheep-family-new-zealand-young-lambs-livestock-farm-image35372348Keratin is an insoluble protein that is the primary building block for our hair, skin and nails, as well as the hooves and horns of animals. It comes from the Greek word kerat, meaning horn. So why should we use a Keratin-based shampoo, conditioner or serum?
Chemical straightening treatments are extremely popular and are used to straighten curly, frizzy, or damaged hair. Because these chemical straightening treatments are not permanent, specially formulated Keratin-based hair care products are recommended in order to prolong the affects of the treatment. For best results, these maintenance products should be paraben, sulfate and sodium chloride-free.

When using chemical straightening products, one must exercise extreme caution. OSHA has determined that many of these popular straightening products contain formaldehyde. When heated, formaldehyde creates toxic off gasses that can result in nosebleeds, respiratory difficulties, eye irritation and allergic reactions. Also beware, even products labeled “formaldehyde-free” can release formaldehyde fumes during use. Check product labels carefully to ensure your chemical straightening products do not contain the following formaldehyde forming ingredients:
Methylene glycol
• Formalin
• Methylene oxide
• Paraform,
• Formic aldehyde
• Methanol
• Oxomethane
• Oxymethylene
• Timonacic acid
• Thiazolidinecarboxylic acid.

If you’re looking to build a private label hair care line for your salon, you can rest assured our Keratin Renewal hair care line does not contain any of the above chemicals and they are free of parabens, sulfates and sodium chloride. We source our Keratin from 100% New Zealand Wool. The Dreamline Beauty Keratin Renewal line includes:

Keratin Renewal Shampoo
• Keratin Renewal Conditioner
• Keratin Renewal Masque
• Keratin Renewal Smoothing Serum

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