Dreamline Brands, Inc.

Dreamline Brands, Inc., is a leading developer of private label, custom and pre-formulated skin care and hair care products. At Dreamline Brands, we are committed to developing innovative formulations, stunning retail packaging, and powerful marketing materials across both of our divisions:

Dreamline Beauty Private Label Hair Care
Dreamline Beauty has one of the largest professional-grade hair care collections in the industry. With over 85 pre-formulated products, Dreamline Beauty is able to help its broad client base of professional salons, spas, online retailers and marketers build a unique and expansive branded line.


Dreamline Ceuticals Private Label Skin Care Manufacturer
Dreamline Ceuticals formulates advanced skin care products that are marketed through spas, medspas, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. Revolutionary private label formulas and custom manufacturing options make it easy for clients to develop a line specific to their needs.


In today’s competitive marketplace, offering a low-cost, second-rate hair care line does not build a valuable brand image. That’s why Dreamline Beauty offers stellar, professional-grade formulations in gorgeous, custom-branded and screen-printed packaging created specifically for you. The best way to promote your brand and showcase your keen aesthetic for beauty is with a private label hair care line from Dreamline Beauty!

Dreamline Beauty Product Line-Up

  • Extensive Product Line
    85+ Professional-Grade Products
  • Low Minimums
    As Low As 24-48 Units
  • Quick Reorder Turnaround
    Approximately 3 weeks
  • Award-Winning Package Design
    At No Cost To You
  • Screen-Printed Packaging
    For A Professional Finish
  • Marketing Support
    At No Cost To You
  • Product Sampling
    At No Cost To You


  • Build Your Brand – Not Someone Else’s
  • Build Exclusivity – No Prices Wars From Other Salons, Retailers Or Online Stores
  • Build Customer Loyalty – With An Exclusive Product Offering
  • Be Seen As A Leader – With Your Own Brand
  • Increase Profits – Set Your Own Price

When you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, with a custom-branded, private label hair care line, look to us! At Dreamline Beauty, we will support you every step of the way…because your success is our success!